Torfaen PSB Draft Well-being Plan

Closed 7 Jan 2018

Opened 17 Oct 2017


Torfaen Public Services Board published its assessment of well-being for Torfaen in May 2017.

The assessment confirmed some things we knew already and highlighted some areas that need further exploration: What the issue really is and how we can work together to change or improve the situation.

This first well-being plan for Torfaen has been put together using information from the assessment and what people living and working in Torfaen have told us.

We know we need to change how we work together and we are already planning for this – to get better at sharing information, sharing people, sharing risk, so that we can make the most of the resources we have across our services.

The draft plan sets out 7 well-being objectives, areas that we want to work at together and with you, our citizens, to improve well-being across the county borough.

Much of this work is generational and may take 25 to 30 years but we need to start somewhere. We think the areas for high level actions set out in the draft plan is the way forward and indicate what we will focus on in the short, medium and longer term.

We now want to check this with you our citizens.


  • Residents


  • Public Services Board (PSB)