The reopening of the footpath that lies between number 13 and 14 John Fielding Garden's, Llantarnam

Closed 30 Apr 2021

Opened 31 Mar 2021


The Council is proposing to reopen the footpath which lies between number 13 and 14 John Fielding Gardens. Eight years has passed since it has been closed, and now due to a new development being built next to John Fielding Garden’s the Council believe it is the right time to reopen the footpath.

The Active Travel Act (2013) aims to make active travel the most attractive option for most shorter journeys. It also requires Council’s to make enhancements to routes and facilities for pedestrians and cyclists in all new road schemes and new housing developments.

Why your views matter

Reopening the footpath would create a joined up, sustainable community in the Llantarnam area, and would benefit local school children greatly. Currently, residents from both developments can more easily access facilities through the opening of this foothpath rather than having to walk round e.g. school children who walk/cycle to school

By reopening the footpath, the school children could travel through the two developments avoiding a busy road. It would cut down on journey time, and it would be safer.

The Council would like to consult with the public about the reopening of the footpath as it will affect the wider public, and not just the residents of the two developments it will join.


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