Torfaen Green Infrastructure Strategy

Closed 24 Mar 2021

Opened 24 Feb 2021


Green infrastructure is the living network of natural and semi-natural green and blue spaces and other landscape features, interspersed within and between urban and rural places.  

Our urban green infrastructure includes a network of woodlands, street trees, parks, gardens, road verges, allotments, cemeteries, amenity greenspaces, and blue infrastructure such as rivers and canals, much of which is accessible to the public. 

Green infrastructure in the countryside and uplands surrounding around our towns includes a network of mountain, moorland and heath, semi-natural grassland and woodland, forestry plantation and farmland habitats. 

The Green Infrastructure Strategy is designed to assist in shaping and coordinating the delivery of green infrastructure in Torfaen, to provide social, environmental and economic well-being benefits now and in the future, in accordance with Welsh government legislation.  It will also help us address the concerns and priorities identified by citizens and stakeholder organisations in the Torfaen Well-being Assessment.


Why your views matter

The Green Infrastructure Strategy is aimed at public bodies prescribed under the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act, as well as private and third sector landowners, developers and the general public.  All these stakeholders have a part to play in helping make Torfaen a happy, healthy and prosperous place to live through sustainable management of our shared natural resources. It has therefore been developed by the Public Service Board organisations in Torfaen, which are committed to the following shared vision.

We would like to hear your views on the draft strategy, its vision, objectives and priorities.  The challenges we think we will face are also outlined in the document.


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