Dog Public Spaces Protection Orders

Closed 8 Oct 2021

Opened 10 Sep 2021


Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) help local Councils tackle anti-social behaviour. We are reviewing the current PSPOs in place relating to dog controls to ensure they remain relevant and effective in maintaining a clean and green Torfaen, and we want your views.

We need to know if residents still support the PSPOs, would like to see any changes, or think they should be removed.

There are currently three such PSPOs in place, which must be reviewed every three years:

  • Dog fouling: This is a borough wide PSPO, where it’s an offence to fail to remove dog faeces from any land the public has access to.
  • Dog Exclusion Areas: There are 140 areas within the borough where dogs are excluded, including school grounds, children play areas and marked sports pitches. Dogs are also excluded from the Lapwing breeding area near the Garn Lakes Nature Reserve.
  • Dogs on Leads Areas: It is also an offence to let a dog off a lead in specified areas, including Garn Lakes, Cwmbran Boating Lake, and all of the Council’s cemeteries.

Breaching a PSPO is a criminal offence and possible sanctions include a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100 or a  fine up to £1,000 on conviction.

All areas covered by a PSPO have signs explaining the requirements to encourage people to abide by them, and details of how to report breaches when they happen.

Why your views matter

We need to know if residents are happy with the current PSPO’s, or if any changes need to be made.  This consultation process will allow residents and other interested parties to provide views and evidence, which will be taken into consideration in deciding whether the existing PSPO will be extended, changed or removed.

Please follow the links at the bottom of this page if you wish to view more information about the current PSPO’s relating to dogs in Torfaen.


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