Residents' Survey 2017

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Closes 30 Sep 2017

Living in Torfaen

In this section we're keen to find out about your views on living in Torfaen and how you view the quality of public services as a whole. 

1. The quality of public services (including police, health, council, fire and others) in Torfaen is good

Public services would include GPs and hospitals, policing, fire and rescue services, rivers and the environment, schools, further education, waste collections, care services, roads and housing and more.


2. Torfaen Council provides high quality services

3. How satisfied are you with the professionalism of council services?

4. I understand how decisions are made in local government.

There are a number of steps and processes that take place before the council implements a decision. Do you understand how and why decisions are taken and who takes them?

5. I can influence decisions affecting my local area

For the purposes of this survey, your local area would be within a 15 minute walk from your home.

Decisions affecting your local area may be things like planning applications, decisions at your child's school, changes to road layouts or routes or a wider consultation on an issue in Torfaen that affects where you live.

6. How satisfied are you with the quality of council services?

7. How well do you think the council keeps residents informed about its services?

Do you feel the council informs residents about matters such as changes to services, local events, announcements and the decisions it takes?

8. How well do you think the council keeps residents informed about its performance?

Do you know how the council is performing. Have your seen the council publish data about its performance?

9. I have contacted my local councillor in the past 12 months